Throwing a summer pizza party? Make sure you have everything you need for your bash!

Step one of course is to order some Jet’s Pizza. There are so many great summertime options like the Aloha BBQ Chicken or the BLT. Don’t forget to flavorize your crust!

In addition to pizza, your guests are going to want some Jet Bread, salads, sidekicks, and desserts. Don’t leave anyone hungry. Got a ton of guests? Don’t worry, Jet’s has you covered with the Catering Calculator, so you make sure you have enough for the whole crew.

Next, head over to the Jet’s Pizza Shop to provide your guests with what they’ll need to enjoy a summer pizza party. You can order Jet’s Pizza Water Bottles, can coolers. Sunglasses, some Jetman Tattoos if you’re feeling crazy, plus much more. Be the party planner others wish they could be.

Now you’ve got Jet’s Pizza, some sidekicks, and Jet’s Gear. You’re ready to go! Take pictures of your pizza party and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy!