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Whether it's a position at one of our independently owned and operated stores or a corporate position in our Sterling Heights, Michigan headquarters, we'd love to welcome you to the Jet's Family.

I enjoy coming here to work. You make a lot of friends along the way. A lot of people stick around, and I think that attributes a lot to it. I start every morning with a slice of pizza, even after that long
Brian, Store Manager, 18 years


Just like our premium ingredients we are good individually but we achieve something wonderful when we work together.

Exceptional Experience

Our top goal is to provide a one- of-a-kind great time for all. Every interaction should leave you with the same satisfaction as the first bite from a fresh pie.

Be Bold

We like our squad like we like our pepperoni, bold. We don’t mind standing out from the crowd, and we won’t shy away from offering an exceptional encounter with every interaction.


Reliable, responsible and honest is how you would describe us; above all we always do "the right thing". Some people might call us square but that’s just because we don’t like to cut corners.


We want to see you smile! We like to top all the hard work we do with lighthearted cheer. We feel lucky to serve the best pizza on the planet... probably the whole galaxy!

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