Here at Jet’s Pizza, we have listened to our customers and brought back the much-loved BLT Pizza to our menu. After customers begged to see it back, the BLT Pizza has made its triumphant return, and it’s better than ever before. Topped with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and mayo, the BLT Pizza is a delicious blend of classic sandwich flavors and Jet’s signature pizza crust.

Many customers were disappointed when the BLT Pizza was removed from the menu, and they took to social media to express their feelings. They shared photos and memories of the pizza and urged Jet’s Pizza to bring it back. We listened and responded, bringing the BLT Pizza back by popular demand!

Now, customers can enjoy the delicious combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes on a pizza once again. The toppings are fresh and flavorful, and they’re the perfect complement to Jet’s Pizza’s signature crust. The tangy mayo provides a perfect base for the toppings, and adds a delicious creamy texture to the pizza.

The return of the BLT Pizza to Jet’s Pizza’s menu is great news for pizza and sandwich lovers alike. It’s a delicious and satisfying option that’s sure to become a new favorite. And it’s a reminder that when customers speak up, Jet’s will listen! So if there’s something you want to see on a menu, don’t be afraid to ask – you never know what might happen!