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Better Because It Has To Be: 3375 Orchard Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, MI.

You can't go any longer without a dreamy pizza in Keego Harbor. You want to build your own pizza with the freshest ingredients. At Jet's Pizza, being square is delicious! Our claim to fame is our intensely cheesy, roasted veggie and buttery Detroit-style square pizza with an out-of-this world Flavorized crust.
But wait ... there's more. Have fun discovering authentic Jet's Deep Dish; rave over our original hand-tossed pizza; fold the huge slices of the NY Style; or take a bite out of our crispy Thin Crust. Our stores even offer a gluten-free option!

You're searching for the most delectable sauce on Earth? Our pizza sauce is as memorable as our 8-corner pizza! And we're not just talking marinara here. You'll want our homemade ranch sauce on everything you order! Your taste buds have never had it so good.

At your Jet's Pizza flavor is your new best friend. Want even more deliciousness? Flavorize your crust for free. Pizza dough has never been this great! Romano, sesame seed, butter, poppy seed, garlic, Cajun, and Jet's Turbo! Holy cow! Oh, the crazy cheers our delivery drivers get when we deliver. At your Jet's Pizza on 3375 Orchard Lake Rd, you can order fast and fresh pizza when hunger calls. Order your pizza, wings, salads, and Jetzees on the coolest mobile app, online or call (248) 682-3744. You also can stop in and place a takeout order in person.

In addition to being known for the best pizza on the planet — we handcraft deli-worthy Jet's Boats, Jet's Triple Cheese Turbo Stix, monumental salads, and tender wings that will inspire you to put Jet's on speed dial!
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