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Better Because It Has To Be: 3534 Murfreesboro Pike, Antioch, TN.

You want a pizza that is as incredible as you in Antioch. You want one that will blow your socks off and bring a smile to your face! At Jet's Pizza, being square is delicious! Our claim to fame is our intensely cheesy, veggelicious and golden square Detroit-style pizza with a savory Flavorized crust.
And there's more. Go for it all as you dive into Our Deep Dish delight; go for the gold with the classic hand-tossed pizza; feel like a New Yorker with a huge slice of the NY Style; or crunch and munch on the crispy Thin Crust. There's also a pizza that is gluten-free!

You're hoping to find the tastiest sauce ever made? Our pizza sauce is as extraordinary as our 8-corner pizza! And we're not just talking about the most flavorful marinara. Our homemade ranch sauce is to die for! Give your taste buds what they have been waiting forever for.

At your Jet's flavor sets us apart from the rest. Have your crust Flavorized for no extra cost. Dough hasn't seen it so good! Romano, sesame seed, butter, poppy seed, garlic, Cajun, and Jet's Turbo! Holy cow! Imagine, the smiles that break out when we deliver. At your local Jet's Pizza on 3534 Murfreesboro Pike, you can order fast and fresh pizza that dreams are made of. Order your pizza from our mobile app, online or phone us at (615) 641-5333. You also can stop by, say hello, and place an order for takeout.

In addition to being the most amazing pizza makers — our team makes Jet's Boats, freshly baked Jetzees, huge salads, and crispy wings that will have you counting the ways you love Jet's!
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