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Better Because It Has To Be: 1940 Shady Brook St, Columbia, TN.

You're not into just any pizza in Columbia. You want to build your own pizza. At Jet's Pizza, being square is delicious! Our fans love our uber cheesy, mouthwatering veggie and buttery square Detroit-style pizza with an out-of-this world Flavorized crust.
And it just keeps coming. Have fun discovering authentic Jet's Deep Dish; try a classic hand-tossed pizza; fold the huge slices of the NY Style; or crunch and munch on the crispy Thin Crust. Our stores even offer a pizza that is gluten-free!

You're hoping to find the most delectable sauce in the universe? Our pizza sauce is as remarkable as our 8-corner pizza! And we're not just talking about the best marinara. You'll want to submerge everything in our ranch sauce that we make from scratch! Your taste buds will have a party.

At Jet's Pizza flavor is our middle name. Go big with a free Flavorized crust. Crust hasn't seen it so good! Butter, poppy seed, sesame seed, garlic, cajun, and Jet's Turbo! Wow! Oh, the cheering that will break out when we deliver. From the Jet's Pizza at 1940 Shady Brook St, you can order fresh and hot pizza that will have your family and friends cheering. Order on our really cool mobile app, online or phone us at (931) 548-2200. Or you can get in your car and come see us to place your takeout order!

In addition to being the best pizza makers — our team offers scrumptious Jet's Boats, Jet's Bread, salads, and BBQ, Mild Buffalo, and Hot wings that will make Jet's your new bestie!
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