Jet's Pizza Confidential Franchise Application

The following confidential information is the basis for my franchise application. The submission of this application does not obligate Jet's America, Inc. or myself in any way. ( * = Mandatory )

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Basic Information

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Personal References: (Name three persons, other that relative or former employers)


By submitting this form, I/we understand that the purpose of this application questionnaire is for information only, and it is in no way binding upon either Jet’s America, Inc., or the applicant(s). I/We represent and warrant that the information supplied herein is complete and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge and understand that Jet’s America, Inc., relies on the information in assessing the desirability and qualifications of applicant(s) and, further, that additional information may be requested by Jet’s America, Inc. I/we authorize Jet’s America, Inc., and its representatives to make inquiries it considers necessary and appropriate, including employment history checks, credit checks, credit reporting agencies, credit references and criminal background checks. I/We agree to supply statements and information from My/Our professional advisors including bankers, financial brokers, accountants and attorneys verifying the above financial statements. I/We agree to promptly notify Jet’s America, Inc., of any material change in any of the above information or any subsequent information provided to Jet’s America, Inc. In addition, I/We release all persons from liability as a result of true, accurate information.” In order for Jet’s America, Inc., to assess the possibility of the undersigned to acquire and operate a Jet’s Pizza Franchise, including his/her ability to procure and maintain credit from financing organizations, and to pay all claims and demands of creditors, the undersigned submits the following as being a true and correct statement of his/her financial condition as of the date below. The undersigned agrees to immediately notify Jet’s America, Inc. of any material changes to the information submitted herein and understands that, unless so notified, Jet’s America, Inc. will rely on the information and statements herein as a continuing true and correct statement of financial condition, and that Jet’s America, Inc. , will be expending time and incurring costs and expenses in pursuing the possibility of the undersigned acquiring a Jet’s Pizza Franchise.