Mike's Story

Mike Couchman started his career with Jet’s Pizza as a teenager working for Jim and Jeff Galloway at their store in Warren, Michigan. After attending a year of college at Central Michigan University, Mike decided the best career path for him, was a career at Jet’s Pizza. He believed in their system and the people that lead the organization and felt confident in a future with Jet’s.

Since then, Mike has managed multiple stores and has been a part of Jet’s America’s corporate training team. His time with Jet’s America has given him the opportunity to teach the Jet’s system and meet extraordinary people with goals of becoming an entrepreneur. Mike considers his time with Jet’s America as one of the highlights of his career.

Mike now is a franchisee and partner with over 20 locations. He and his partners are currently building their team while continuing to grow with Jet’s and are excited for the future. Mike explained, “Our model is simple…People. If we teach, coach, help, and most importantly, inspire our partners to achieve their goals and maintain a consistent, disciplined approach within our core principals of business in the proven Jet’s Pizza system we will have success!”

The Jet’s family has been part of Mike’s life from early on. Eugene, John, Jim, and Jeff have been in his life from the start. They have taught him passion, vision, discipline and most importantly to believe in people. Eugene Jetts was so special to Mike, he gave a kid the opportunity to become a teacher, a coach, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and a successful Jet’s Pizza franchisee. Mike and his team will always work hard and strive to be the best, in honor of Eugene.

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